ConsenSys and Protocol Labs cooperate: Filecoin on Ethereum

ConsenSys today announced a collaboration with the Filecoin developers at Protocal Labs. A new bridge should be built between Bitcoin Pro and Filecoin.

Enter title here ConsenSys and Protocol Labs are cooperating to bring Filecoin to Ethereum

After Filecoin successfully launched its mainnet last week, miners, developers and users can now use Ethereum developer tools. Filecoin will also be able to be integrated into the decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi).

The aim of the collaboration is to integrate the ConsenSys Ethereum developer tools into Filecoin’s cloud storage marketplace. The developers of Protocol Labs can thus also access applications of the Ethereum network.

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The Filecoin network started its mainnet on October 15th with block 148.888 . In addition, the project already includes 600 pebibytes of data, 600 active miners and 230 projects that interact with the storage protocol.

ConsenSys wants to enable a DeFi bridge and Metamask integration for Filecoin

ConsenSys wants to enable Ethereum applications to use decentralized data storage solutions. That is why the team is working on bringing Infura , Metamask and other Ethereum applications to the Filecoin network.

A seamless integration should take place through various Ethereum developer tools and other ConsenSys projects. In addition, the Filecoin community can use the functions of the Ethereum network and thus also function smoothly with DeFi protocols.

Joseph Lubin, former founder and CEO of ConsenSys said the following:

Through Infura, Codefi, MetaMask and other projects, developers can easily integrate Filecoin into applications on the Ethereum network. The cooperation of the two decentralized protocols will enable both networks to benefit from each other. The decentralized web becomes tangible.